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Topic: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

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    'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Hey folks! Well, it's an exciting time for me over here. The semester is wrapping up and material for my recital is getting completed and rehearsed or compiled!

    I wanted to share the audio of this project I've been working on for the past week. I'm part of a class called 'Advanced Video' over at Cornish, where we've been managing individual film projects over the course of the semester. Since writing music for film and games is my ultimate post-graduation goal, I figured that I could create a vessel to impart my music onto that could act as a video demo for my scoring abilities.

    The actual film, as I decided, is silent. However, there are some aspects of the audio incorporated into it (which are also in this mp3, as this is the entire audio mix for the film.) They were ambient city street noises, as well as shadows of an argument at dinner that serves as the focal point for the main character.

    The story is a mental and physical journey for a young man in an unstable family. It opens showing the city, the title, and eventually transitions to the dinner table. The argument escalates as the young man comes to a decision to leave. He storms out, leaving his parents ambivalent and shocked. We then transition downtown where he wanders aimlessly, searching, hence the title. Pausing at a stoplight, the argument begins to flood his mind again, but the light changes and he walks on. He admires art, observes two drug dealers in an alley, and eventually discovers a church. With a combination of dread and hope, he enters to find two sole figures: His parents, praying for his safety.

    I used a mix of samples for the composition. The piano, organ and english horn are all GPO. The strings are a combination of GPO solo strings and VSL ensemble strings. (They go really well together... the VSL sounds are heavy on mids and lows, but less so on the highend, which the solo strings fill out great.) The horn duet is VSL. The Stormdrone synth and taiko drums are from EWQL Colossus. The music box for the introduction is Bela D's beautiful free sample set. Reverb is the 32bit cathedral convolution from Kontakt2.

    I'll try to get the video itself up here once it's all compiled, but for now, enjoy the music!

    Finding Humanity

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    Re: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Leif, you have, once again, done a truly outstanding job with this.

    Excellent writing, targeted to perfection to the cinematic scenario, and very well rendered.

    I look forward to seeing the video of this, Leif!


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    Re: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Very nice work Leif!

    A perfect underscore for a Silent film. Very evocative on it's own.
    Great pacing and restraint.

    ...Really liked this one!!


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    Re: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Another winner. Beautiful flow.

    I also want to chime in here about your chamber piece, was it Destiny?, anyway, I really like your great mastery of tone color. Very enjoyable.


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    Re: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Quote Originally Posted by YBaCuO
    Another winner. Beautiful flow.

    I also want to chime in here about your chamber piece, was it Destiny?, anyway, I really like your great mastery of tone color. Very enjoyable.

    It was Descent, and I appreciate both comments greatly Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks as well Jeff & David! I'll do my best to get the film itself uploaded shortly, just gotta figure out how to rip it from the DVD!

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    Re: 'Finding Humanity' - Silent Film Score

    Leif, you have shared some amazing examples of your work, and this is no exception. There are some beautiful and emotional moments. The scoring is very sensitive and mature. Bravo!

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