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Topic: Blade Runner Tribute - Shanty Town Blues

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    Blade Runner Tribute - Shanty Town Blues

    Since I've been so obsessed with synth scores lately, I decided to tackle emulating "the greek ones" Bladerunner score (the "bladerunner blues" cue in particular) for a half life 2 mod I'm scoring. To create it, I utilized the Arturia CS 80v for the brassy sound (after alot of tweaking) and Atmosphere for the drone and bell sound. So here it is.. enjoy!

    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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    Re: Blade Runner Tribute - Shanty Town Blues

    The strings are pretty close. But the original solo of BR Blues does not sound brassy. It sounds more like a harmonica (some sort of variant) playing in the accurate (precise) or clean style of Toots Thielemans. The typical brassy sound, for which the Greek is famous for, can be heard in the Main Theme.

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    Re: Blade Runner Tribute - Shanty Town Blues

    Definite BR feel. I love that soundtrack. This works great. If you guys haven't heard the Esper Edition of the soundtrack, that is the one to get. Best of the bunch.


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