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Topic: Cubase and GPO problem

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    Cubase and GPO problem

    Hi guys,
    I started a project in Overture and decided to switch it over to Cubase sx 3. I exported midi file and imported into sx - alls well - I load GPO strings (section KS for all) and switch brass and woodwinds to JABB (didn’t translate well volume wise , but alls still well) Save and close. Reopen project and all the strings are trilling and they won’t stop. I get the violins to stop trilling by reloading GPO violins KS I assume that reloading each string section will re-enitialize them as well (PITA). I’m brand new to cubase sx. I must be missing something . Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance - Collin

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    Question Re: Cubase and GPO problem

    Never heard of that kind of problem. Sounds like there's something that's triggering notes in a chase/default setting. Check your MIDI tracks and see if Overture threw any garbage settings into the MIDI dump. After more than a year of using Cubase/Nuendo and GPO together, I've never, ever, ever heard this issue, so I suspect something in your track defaults or the MIDI tracks you've imported.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Cubase and GPO problem

    I've noticed that my CPU usage is throygh the roof and the volume is maxed out. I think it may be playing all the samples (key switches ) at the same time. This wierd. I don't see anything on the midi tracks (piano roll) I'll try list view

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