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Topic: Old Monkee News

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    Old Monkee News

    Heh, heh. Here's a BBC news article on Michael Nesmith if it's still active.

    A pretty talented guy for an old Monkee. I didn't know he pioneered the music video and came up with the idea of continues music video programming which turned into MTV.

    He has a new album out which uses a lot of software instruments. There must be some Garritan sounds in there.

    He has an interesting and prophetic sense of humor.


    The BBC news.


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    Re: Old Monkee News

    I played on a couple of the tracks on the new CD, Rays. On the one hand, very different from the usual Nez releases, very orchestrally dense. I did not pay close attention to the VI's he used, but there are some very thick Acid loops along with many live tracks.

    I worked with Nez 30 years ago on the very first multimedia album, The Prison, which consisted of a record album plus a book - you read the book while listening to the album, but the songs are not directly related, they just work together to enhance each other. He's a very creative guy, not like you would think of 'a Monkee'.

    Check out the demos (and some very funny videos, the 5 second concert (featuring among others, the Vienna Sausage Choir) at http://www.videoranch.com/
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Old Monkee News

    Oh, I thought you were talking about "The Monkeys". People are always confusing the two groups, of course...
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