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Topic: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

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    The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Only for create world/Film pieces, not only classical music.

    I saw

    ->RA (Eastwest)
    ->Ethno world 1, 2, 3 (Bestservice)
    ->HOA; HOA (Spectrasonics)
    ->World winds, origins (ILIO)
    ->ETHNO INSTRUMENT (MOTU) but no demo yet.

    I want to create many articulation with KEY SWICTH.

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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Only to create ethnic/world music, I think RA is probably the best one about mutisampled instruments.
    Ethno world is multisamples as well and it adds phrases and loops too.
    Never heard that VIENNA was ethnic.

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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Thanks AbhorrencE=)

    I think exactly like you.

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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    I have used most of the libraries and there is no one "best". Here are my thoughts on each.

    World Winds. Lots of winds. They are very earthy and raw. Not out of tune, buit very breathy and dirty. Although the samples are clean. Kinda hard to explain.

    Ethno world. Not many velocities on the winds, some nice bits and pieces, but not enough to consider exclusively for winds. There are some nice little "riffs" for some of the instruments, but not alot of articulations. It contains a greater variety of winds, though less detailed

    Ra. These samples are cleaner and blend with western orchestral instruments if you are thinking "soundtrack." There are fewer instruments, but they of have repetition notes, a larger selection of articualtions then Ethno World, and often several velocities.

    Ethno (Motu) hasn't been released so I can't really comment.
    VSL have not done any ethnic winds.

    I also have the precisionsound Celtic Flutes and Whistles which is quite nice, and cheap.

    You also might want to consider Herman Witklams? free ethnic instruments that are available on his website.

    Hope this helps,

    Ben H

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    Thumbs up Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Thanks a lot for your help Ben H.

    WORLD WNDS have a good and bad comments, i don't know what thinking.


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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Any website for Herman Witklam?

    How is the precision sound celtic flute? Does it sound good in your productions?


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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Have you a link?


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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?


    the samples are free but you need registration to be able to download, look at the bottom of the main page.
    Simply e-mail Herman with "RAW registration" as the subject and you're done.

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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    And please, if you download from Herman, be so kind as to donate. Its the right thing to do.

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    Re: The Best "winds" Sound Library?

    Hi Joseph=)
    All right.

    Thanks for the link.


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