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Topic: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

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    Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    Is it possible using Gigastudio 160 and Cubase 24VST on 1 computer. WITH NO PROBLEMS OFCOURSE!

    In my setup I use a Pentium III 700Mhz and 256 Mb memory , 50 gigs of harddrive. UDMA 66

    My soundcard is an aardvark aark24

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    Try to run this from at least two HDs.
    1. win + programs
    2. .gigs
    (3. .cubase audio)

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    I haven\'t had much luck running the two apps on the same system. I do have dedicated Harddrives for Cubase audio, Gigsamples, and OS and apps. all SCSI, a P3 600 and 256 MB. EWS88MT for GigaStudio and Sonorus for Cubase audio. When disabling the audio engine in Cubase, everything works fine (plein Midi sequencing), but I can\'t do more than 30 notes polyphony on Giga while recording audio in Cubase. It is stongly related to the windows file caching system, and how the 2 programs deal with it. GS works best with min/maxfilecaching set to 0, while Cubase works best with min/maxfile = RAM size. You will have to find the best compromise for the 2 programs.
    I played around with these settings a lot and finally decided to run Gigastudio on a dedicated machine.

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    There\'s no reason at all that you shouldn\'t be able to run both. Anything faster than a P600 will run both. What\'s important is that you have either a) a multiclient soundcard that will allow you to use a pair of outs for VST and a pair for Gigastudio or b) two soundcards, and dedicate one to each program


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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    I had used EWS88MT GSIF dedicated to GS
    and Sonorus StudI/O ASIO2 for Cubase VST.
    I had also tried vice versa with no improvement. I have also tried to give GS 2 outs and Cubase 2 outs of either one card, as they are supposedly multiclient drivers.

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    I have Cubase VST\\24 & Gigastudio 160 hooked through a Mixtreme\\Tascam TM-D1000 running on a PII 500 machine running sweet as a nut here.


    BTW: If any of you guys have a Palm device laying around and want a cool way of getting at those FX in Gigastudio. Check this out... www.control69.com. Works a treat with Reaktor too.

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    \"Running sweet as a nut\", does that mean you can record and play back audio from Cubase and at the same time play Gigasamples with at least 60 notes polyphony?
    If so, could you give me your relevant settings and system specs. (RAM,system.ini file caching, outputs dedicated to Cubase and to GS, HD cluster size, etc.)
    Your input is highly appreciated.

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    Re: Possibilities Cubase 24/VST/Gigastudio 160

    Hey Guys,

    I really appreciate all of you by replying to my topic. It really helps me out.I\'m still very busy configuring my machine , so all hints are very welcome.

    Many tnx,


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