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Topic: Maestro

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    Surely I am not the only user of Maestro by Voyetra for notation. Yet, the three of four times I have asked about it's use there have been no replies.

    It seems to work quite well, and the commands seem to convert driectly to GPO - dynamics and the like.

    What I would most like to know, however, is once I bring the midi across and assign the GPO instruments, how do I send just one instrument (say trumpets) to Cubase for adding reverb, dynamics (espression) and the like?

    I can easily send the entire selection over, but then I cannot go into the separate instruments for individual control.

    At the moment, the only solution I have found (say for a 20 stanza score) is to save the entire score 20 times and delete all but one stanza per copy and then send them to cubase. There MUST be an easier and faster way.

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    Re: Maestro

    Well, I don't think many people who post here use Maestro. If they did, you would have a thundering herd of people trying to assist you.

    If you check the reviews of the product, you might have an idea why it is not much used.


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    Re: Maestro

    I would agree with Richard with this one. Seems Finale 6, and Overture 4 are prominent as notational software here on this forum. However, I vaguely recall someone mentioning Maestro so you may still get a respectable response.

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