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Topic: Cubase & GPO KS VST (help!!!)

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    Question Cubase & GPO KS VST (help!!!)

    Hi guys,
    I’m trying to record GPO VST strings with key switch. I load the violins KS write some music, and it plays back just as expected. Save and close. Reopen project and when the strings play all the strings are trilling and they won’t stop. it sounds like all the key switches are all playing at the same time. I get the violins to stop trilling by reloading GPO violins KS , reloading each string section will re-enitialize them as well (PITA). I’m brand new to cubase sx. I must be missing something . I went to GPO site and there is no problem using GPO in Cubase sx aparently. Can anyone help?
    Also I noticed that all the KS keys are not colored in (tan?) and the direct to disk otions do not appear. These things work and appear in Overture and as I recall Samplitude, I’ll double check
    Thanks in advance - Collin

    OK, this is getting wierd! I opened samplitude and there is now 2 GPO visti. One is normal and one looks like the one in Cubase. This was not there before, It's like cubase created it's own GPO interface. Now I'm freakin' out. GPO has worked fine for months. I also have JABB which is working fine in all aps

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    Re: Cubase & GPO KS VST (help!!!)

    AHHH!!! There was an old version of GPO on my drive which Cubase found. It never showed up in Overture That cost me my night last night

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    Re: Cubase & GPO KS VST (help!!!)

    I had this happen to me once. During the original GPO installation I didn't designate my VST folder in Cubase as an installation path and manually dragged the DLL file into that folder. Doing this caused any updates to be missed on the file in my Cubase VST folder. You may want to re-install GPO and make sure you have this set as an install path so that future updates are done on this file.

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    Re: Cubase & GPO KS VST (help!!!)

    Thanks I'll do that

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