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Topic: Generations

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    I am working on a piece called Generations. Some of you have heard earlier versions of it in the chat already but here is the completed first half of it.


    I would like to know what you would think would have to be changed in this while I work on the second portion of the song (peace and future are the themes for the brighter second half). Yet this first half is essentially its own piece, thus why I am posting it right now, and very little will be shared between the two halves as both will have different styles.

    Just a little bit of information. Generations is meant to tell the story of human life. It starts out with the development of the human species but then goes straight into our warlike nature. The majority of this segment is of the wars that went on (no separation though, too lazy here). In the end, a winner is declared and peace seems to come. Yet there is still the threat of war lingering in the air. End of the first half. The second half is more of a celebratory theme, celebrating the end of the wars. But in the end, the presence of war still lingers, reminding us of the troublesome past.

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    Re: Generations

    Off to a great start on this, CJ!

    I look forward to the completed piece.



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    Re: Generations

    Nice start - you have a lot more, I hope. Reminds me of Rick Wakeman and the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" he did with the London Symphoney in the '70's.

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    Re: Generations

    Nice work! I enjoyed the variety in your orchestration. I'm looking forward to more!
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    Re: Generations

    Thanks for the comments. And for those that would like to see the score for what I have so far (got a little past this part 1), check out http://www.timberwolftech.com/generations-2.htm. Sibelius Scorch required to view. Warning, playing it on built in sound card MIDI formats can cause a little bit of pain to the ears...

    If you have Sibelius 4 and want to hear it the correct way, save it. Open GPO up and load up the "Full Orchestra" default. Then go to the seventh player (which contains the percussion) and load Tubular Bells into slot 8. Now load up generations-2.sib in sibelius and make sure that GPO Studio 1-8 are enabled. The score should already be configured. Just play measures 9-10 first to fix the volumes on the low strings (was too lazy to set those). Once done with that, restart at the beginning and enjoy yourself! And for those that use Finale or Overture...well, I haven't used those so I don't know how to do it in those programs.

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    Re: Generations

    This is an interesting work. However in the symphonic rock part the repeated notes like in cello and basses have a machine gun effect ... that does not only remind to war but also screams "sample". This can easily be avoided by adding hairpins, changing the attac and the duration of the notes, using the up and down bow samples etc. Since you use Finale you could use articulations and revisit their definition. It should be easy to construct one or two bars and then copy and paste.

    Looking forward to the whole piece

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    Re: Generations

    Yes, reminiscent of something I've heard before.

    The energy and variety of orchestration carry this piece forward quite well.

    One compositional comment though is the lack of variety in the accompaniment, once it gets established (before there is a change of orchestration) is tends to carry on unchanged. This tires the ear. A simple remedy is to hit the accompaniment hard for a measure or so and then back off in volume a lot. Even better is to provide some kind of variety over several measures, for example by having different instruments come in and out at different beats.

    Also, if you want to spend the time, enter in more tempo changes, and add (is this possible in Sibelius) those var1 and var2 cc data for repeated notes (with slight velocity variation) that will help slightly with the machine-gun effects.

    Good luck, I look forward to the rest.


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    Re: Generations

    Please also remember that this work is not complete, it is only the first part. So while I'm working on the second half, I can also go back and fix this part. I am actually going to rewrite this first part to fit in a few ideas I just came up with.

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    Re: Generations

    The piece is off to a very good start. There's a lot of energy and excitement, and it really comes across in your writing. I look foward to part 2!

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    Re: Generations

    Definitely good!!

    I think you will surely improve this piece adding new ideas and I think that you will achieve a great composition!!

    Considering you are only 15 yo!!!!

    I look forward for the second half!!

    Best to you,

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