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Topic: Symphonic Tone Poem

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    Symphonic Tone Poem

    - The Reach Beyond Tomorrow -
    The completed movement work based on a novel by the above name. I hope you enjoy.


    1st movement - Impending Doom
    2nd movement - The Journey
    3rd movement - A New Start

    The 2nd movement was my entry into the GPO Challenge 6.

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    Re: Symphonic Tone Poem

    I've listened through all three movements, William, with pleasure -- fine job on this! Very evocative of the subject implied by the title.


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    Re: Symphonic Tone Poem

    I've only managed to listen to the first movement so far.

    The composition has a academic flavor, which at first seemed a little pedantic, but when a (main?) theme reappeared later, I realized then the piece had actually traveled quite far. I like such structural pillars.

    The overall sound was a bit muffled - is this the mp3 encoding, our your choice of reverb?

    I'm looking forward to the other movements now.


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    Re: Symphonic Tone Poem

    I Really liked these!

    The 1st movement is a favorite.
    I was reminded of the work by Basil Poledouris ( Conan ) Not sure if he was an influence or not. The resemblance is there.

    There's an incredible amount of work involved no doubt!

    Great job on this work!


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    Re: Symphonic Tone Poem

    Well, thankyou Jsp and etlux for your kind words. No I didn't think of Conan - Poledouris - when I wrote it, but I do hear the similarities.

    YBaCuO (interesting name), Well, it may be a bit on the trite side, but the work holds together well. You are right about the sound. It plays well here at home, but the download version from the site is a bit muffled in places. I suspect it may be how it is stored at that site. I wish I could find a better site to store my recordings - most are cost prohibitive.

    Thanks all for your comments.

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