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Topic: A complete musical

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    A complete musical


    I finished my first and biggest composition+orchestration project and it's now playing and the last performances are this weekend. It's a tragic Finnish musical, performed by a symphonic orchestra.

    Here you have some links to a recording from a premiere. I'm not sure, if I can keep them at my server for very long because of some copyright reasons, but please, all kind of comments are welcome! I used Overture and GPO during the whole composing process. To make it clear, this is from a live performance and has a real orchestra in them:

    These songs can be found from the directory http://www.lbi-digital.com/ruusunvarjo/

    1. Overture.mp3
    19. Lacrimosa.mp3
    21. Tähtiin taivaan.mp3
    14. Toinen maailma.mp3
    16. Enkö pääse tästä.mp3
    2. Samat tunnit.mp3
    17. Syyllinen.mp3

    (the real orchestration starts a bit later in the last song (there is talk between the three parts) and it clearly has some influences from Carmina Burana.....

    If the scandic characters of the spaces make some problems in your browser, just open the directory and pick the song from there

    Thank you already for all comments!

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    Re: A complete musical


    I have listened to all of the pieces you list above -- and a good many others (most) that were in that directory, too. What a feast!

    Now, of course, I don't speak a word of Finnish. But this is excellent! Superbly done, with many deeply moving moments.

    In any language, this deserves a...


    Magnificent achievement, Karvasika!

    With admiration,


    Don't miss #20.

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    Re: A complete musical

    I am very happy to hear this . Not only because it is excellent work but also because it is an example where sample technology has helped to enhance live performance or even make it possible.


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    Re: A complete musical

    I started listening before I read your whole post and I almost freaked out wondering, How did you get such a live sound?!? HAHAHA!!!

    Wow! Really nice job here. I can only imagine how much work this was. Bravo!

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    Re: A complete musical

    Absolutely great writing!!
    This is really outstanding congrats on this amzing works...
    I have listened the overture and the first piece!!

    And I have to say:


    I will listen to the other will more calm!!

    Only my congratulations!


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    Re: A complete musical

    Wow!....Fantastic writing!!

    Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

    I've listened to your selection and more so.
    Completely professional in every respect!

    I particularly enjoyed your arrangement "Lacrimosa".. Listening to it several times now. A very moving work.

    I can only imagine how these sound in a live performance.



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    Re: A complete musical


    Your writing music is just stunning! Writing for an entire musical is an enormous undertaking

    I wish I could be in Jyväskylä, Finland to see it live and we are with you in spirit. It makes me very happy you are using the library in this way.

    Thank you very much for sharing your music and the wonderful news.

    All the best for the remaining performances this weekend.

    Congratulations and Bravo!

    Gary Garritan

    PS: You mentioned your percussionist went missing so you played the GPO marimba and glockenspiel on a MIDI keyboard with the live orchestra. Where did your percussionist disappear to?

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    Re: A complete musical

    this is full of lovely things --it might be good to put a link on the Overture demos page as well (although it seems that relatively few people look at it these days unfortunately)

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    Re: A complete musical

    Fantastic, If we had some of those applauding smilies, I would post a row of them.

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    Re: A complete musical

    Thank you soooooo very much for your words!!!

    We had three performances left and we found out, that we don't have a player for the glockenspiel and marimba -stuff. He had apparently told very early, that he can't come, but no one told to the one, who is responsible for recruiting the needed players for the performances. So we went GPO!!! Hohoho!

    The performances are now finished, but I got a multitrack-version of Lacrimosa and many other songs, so I will make better mixdowns of them (I got my Firepod few days ago).

    Thank you once more for your supportive words!! It's so cool to have a forum like this!!!

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