I have no experience with samplers so excuse me.

I use BFD & Stylus for Drums,. both are good and real easy. which helps make music happen,.. right ?

I am considering the Seyer Drum library but am reluctant for a few reasons,. GIGA has a reputation for being both buggy(in Nuendo) and CPU greedy
I also am not in position to buy a new DAW just to run GIGA on at this time. Additionally, buying GIGA orch for mainly the LSD and an occasional piano seems a bit overkill to me? for mainly a rock/pop/jazz guy

Can any users please offer some insights here?

Is the LSD as easy to use as BFD, can you have the kit pieces rewired in to the daw on separate channels so you can process them individually, without a whole lot of hassle? and if it is a hassle, are the sounds really that good and worth it ?

Lastly, If anyone has alternatives that maybe I should look at I'd appreciate it. Sorry for all the questions, it's all new to me and I'm trying to learn quickly.

Thank you very much.