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Topic: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

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    OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    For about 6 years I've been keeping a journal on my PC. It was originally started a few weeks after my wife and I decided to have a baby, and so I've used it to record all the significant events in my daughters life, from pregnancy onwards.

    The other day I was thinking about my tendancy to procrastinate and be too perfectionist when it came to actually recording and finsihing compositions ... and it occured to me that keeping a Music Journal might be a way of entrenching some good habits of trying to compose and record a little every day ... and not to be too much of a perfectionsit with regard to keeping anything long term.

    I am not aware of any software that is designed for this, so the current way of working is save the mini-compositions as MP3's and use a Tag editor to add comments as very bried captions about why I wrotie this, or what was happening that day. I title each file with date and time ... e.g. 20060425 Monday Evening. (I had thought of doing it as broadcast Wave files, but decided against this because of storage size.)

    For those days when I really am feeling drained of the musical spirit I'm just recording snippets of family conversation on a portable flash MP3 recorder.

    Anyway just thought I'd share, and see if anyone does anything similar.

    Is anyone aware of software that might have been designed to do this or similar, to streamline the process?
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    Re: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    Well, I don't have a clue about such software, but your idea of record keeping is good. I have piles of manuscript paper littered with bits and pieces of music that I don't know what I had intended to do with. Also quite a lot of same on my computer. But I don't want the record keeping to get in the way of the work. If you use something like Sonar, or Sibelius, there is a file information window where you can enter a few brief comments that should be adequate. Problem is, I never do it. Maybe because I had to keep to darn many records when I was in communications.


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    Re: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    Hi Richard
    I guess my fear of using a sequencer or notation package for something of this nature is whether the format will still be around in 10, 20, or 50 years time.

    I would hope that wav or mp3 files might just be common enough for me to use over that time frame. MP3 will probably not be around, but it will surely be a remembered format and there will be conversion tools. I'm not sure the same couldbe said of a proprietary software package / file format.

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    Re: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    An interesting concept!

    I think your safest bet would be to use Microsoft Word.... Has allot of neat features, like links to files or other documents..even adding hyperlinks to favorite sites.

    Not sure, but you may even be able to link to an actual Application shortcut, ie: to launch your music programs.
    The best part is that many small Handheld Devices can import Word as well. You can write as you travel.

    If you're very meticulous and want even more power/functionality.. you may want to use Microsoft Excel. Has the features of Word, plus great for managing/sorting information etc.

    A neat idea indeed!


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    Re: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    Are you asking about blogging software, or some kind of audio software design for documenting projects with small changes? I think you'll only have luck with the former, as I've never heard of anything for the latter. For the former, there are tons of choices out there, with the differences being:

    1) Hosted by the blogging software company, or you host it yourself.

    2) Amount of customization you can do, and the level of difficulty of doing it.

    I chose to host my own, as I feel better knowing I can backup whenever I want, and customize the UI/content however I see fit. I chose WordPress as my blogging software.

    I think the only way to do your audio blog currently is like you said--just embed mp3 files into your blog entries with captions explaining what they are. You COULD design a fancy flash site that has highly customized UI for an "immersive" experience, but it'll be a large undertaking.

    There another choice--just do it all as Podcasts. No UI--just audio.

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    Re: OT: Audio Blog or Music Journal software ?

    Thanks for the suggestsions everyone.

    I think I am going to avoid the use of any proprietary software or web sites, and rely on the ubuiquity of the mp3 format. The greatest risk would be to rely on some specific piece of software being around in 20 years time to open the files.

    I feel something like an mp3, or a broadcast wave (which allows embedding of text) are solutions which although may not be in use, will certainly be "importable" or readable by whatever tools are in use in the future.
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