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Topic: Project SAM legato?

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    Project SAM legato?

    I'm probably about to get the Project SAM orchestral brass, but I've noticed something.
    Listening to the trumpet demo, I heard that the samples include legato transitions. I was wondering how easy these were to implement. Is it just a case of having one midi channel with sustain samples with the melody, and then placing the transitions between these notes on a second channel, or is there a way of using them a la VSL's performance tool. Any help would be cool.


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    Re: Project SAM legato?

    Dont know if its the case in the demo you have heard. But SAM offers some standard interval patches. So its nothing you can control - its a case of composing to the library.

    With VSL you can hit one key, and then hit the next to hear the transition. With sam you hit one key and it plays the note, and then jumps some given interval. Its a recording.

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    Re: Project SAM legato?

    ProjectSAM Brass has some intervals recorded, but as Marcussen says, you have no control over them since they're recordings. Anyway, I think Project SAM is the "best" sounding orchestral brass library ever produced (just my opinion, I don't want to start a war. I know some people can disagree).

    You should look at http://www.theokrueger.com/kontakt2.htm for the SIPS script programmed by Big Bob (listen to the demos in the dedicated SIPS page). I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to make some ProjectSAM patches with this legato script for my own use. Of course, this only works with the Kontakt2 version of the library.

    My two cents.

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