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Topic: giga will not start HELP Please !

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    giga will not start HELP Please !

    Had Nuendo 3.2 no issues at all with the system,
    after installing Gigastudio 3.12 latest update. It will scan on start, them giga gives a message about a Nuendo plugin dll that won;t work with giga.

    prompt box to OK, Giga closes ?

    someone please help me here. I moved the entire VST plug folder out of the Nuendo root and Giga does open.

    I need to be able to use Nuendo on this rig and cannot afford a separate GS box now. I was hoping I could get by minimally for a while.

    not happening.

    suggestions ?



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    Re: giga will not start HELP Please !

    Without launching GigaStudio, launch the "GigaStudio Configuration Manager."

    Click on the "Rewire/Plugins" tab.

    According to the Giga User's Manual (have you read it?), it says:
    The Configure Plug-ins dialog is helpful for troubleshooting as well as scanning for new plug-ins and viewing their types and capabilities. Click a plug-in to highlight it in the list. Then you can view its capabilities, add it to the blocked plug-ins list, or remove a blocked plug-in. One button enables you to unblock all blocked plug-ins.
    I can't open Giga right now, so I'm not sure where else plug-ins (or start-up options) are dealt with in the "GigaStudio Configuration Manager," but I think there's a way to have Giga block troublesome plug-ins during the program launch.

    Good luck,


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    Re: giga will not start HELP Please !

    thanks, that helped.


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