Perhaps somebody can try and help me with the following problems:
I keep getting drops and plops on 2 of my gigastudio machines.
I've tried almost everything I know but I can not seem to solve this problem.
When I'm triggering 2 or more gigastudio tracks the dropouts start appearing.
I;ve tried different bufferrange settings on my RME card but that also doesn't prevent the system from latencey problems.
I shall give you a complete setup overview from my troubled computer.
Athlon 2800+, 2 GB Ram (2x 1GB Kingston), 80 GB 7200rpm, RME 96/8 with new drivers. Windows XP professional (with tweaks, memory and processorspeed).
MidiOverLan, and VNC client. Gigastudio is loaded with VSL samples up to 74% (after mathias's memorytweaker.) There's also latency when I load less samples (15%)
The synthesizer prefrences within Gigastudio are put on 400 voices after the 150 voices where giving problems.

Perhaps I'm not seeing something and woud you be so kind to point it out to me.
Thank you for your time