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Topic: "March of the Day"

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    "March of the Day"

    This was a quickie I wrote a a few months ago and have been meaning to lower the key a bit along with extending the main theme but haven't decided which direction to go yet. It's just been languishing on my PC with no where to go.

    Writing music for the joy of it. (with Windows 7 64bit, Intel i7 processor, 12GB memory, LOTS of disk space, Finale 2014, Garritan GPO, JABB3, COMB, Steinway, World Instruments, & Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir. And if I ever figure out how to use Sonar X2...the sky's the limit)

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    Re: "March of the Day"

    This is my favorite of yours so far! I'd like to hear it when it's finished.

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    Re: "March of the Day"

    Seems like April is the month for the March...

    Great job so far, Mitch. Seems like you're well on the way to an album of marches!


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