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Topic: Tremolo

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    I'm working on a piece right now that is using extensive tremolo in the violins and basses. At the moment, those instruments play tremolo for around a minute leading into the rest of the piece. My question is: is there a limit to how long a real string section could play tremolo? I don't really have an idea as to how tiring that articulation could be for the musician, if at all. If anyone could enlighten me on this topic, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Re: Tremolo

    For violins and violas it is no problem to play tremolo on and on as long it is not fortissimo. Tremolo in piano for ten minutes -> no problem.

    For cello it may be the same, for basses I am not sure. I think it may need some more power to get a grip of the bow. But three to five minutes should be OK.


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