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Topic: Studios, how many of you have one?

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    Studios, how many of you have one?

    Since I've been noticing some random topics popping up right now, I just thought I'd join in. How many of you have studios for composing music in? Also, if you do, what does it look like?

    I'll start. I am at the beginning stages of a studio (constantly purchasing new items. Right now, I have a computer and a portable rack. Trying to build a live sound system. But, I think that what I am working in right now can be considered a studio (even though it isn't technically a studio) since I am using it just for composition and mainly composition.


    I will probably move my work area soon whenever my father finishes the new addition.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    Hi CJ,
    Good luck in building your studio. Here's a picture of mine (messy ) hopefully, it'll give you a few ideas. It works out pretty well for me. Also, be sure to buy a leather massaging chair...great when you're in the studio for hours and hours



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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    (Headphones and composer not shown.)


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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    I have a good sized room in my house that is a dedicated studio. This picture is from my website at allhands.com -- more photos there if you're curious. You can see about a quarter of the space in this one. I've since rearranged a few things, gotten a huge new work desk, and put up acoustic tile. My hair has grown a little bit too.

    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    Here's some old pix of the PSC studios. It's also where we do all of the Composer Channel shows.

    Mackie D8B is now on left side of the console and computer monitor is inset into the console in the center, as most of my work is in Nuendo, Sonar, etc. The room bracketed by the console and rack is the server room which houses all the PCs, all networking cables, hubs, etc. for the house, PC units for the D8B and HDR, and an 8x8 KVM matrix that allows me to access any of the computers from any workstation (console, server room and vocal booth).

    Looking behind the console at the vocal booth, bathroom, couch, etc.

    Studio A for live recording. In serious need of some acoustical treatment.
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    Quote Originally Posted by moviemaestro
    Also, be sure to buy a leather massaging chair...great when you're in the studio for hours and hours
    Now there's some sound advice. Pulled a back muscle a couple of weeks ago that's been bugging me, and have been in the studio all day today really wishing my environment allowed me to do everything while lying on a couch!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    Nothin' fancy, the Mac G5 and MOTU Traveler firewire audio interface and the Dell PC are in a closet which is vented so the noise is well,,, it's very quiet now. Conveniently, all the wiring for the monitors, trackball, mouse, headphones and all electric are routed through the floor into the basement and come back up behind my makeshift Formica countertop.
    Home Depot!

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    I can't say why but I love this thread!

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    I'm jealous looking at those pics. I have a fair amount of stuff. 2 computers. Mixing board. Microphones. About 7 guitars. But I don't have a nice space for it all. And I really want a soundproofed room for recording. I also really want a dual monitor setup, as I see many have.

    One thing I don't have (well, I have one but it isn't set up) is a keyboard (meaning piano, not computer.) Funny, huh? I compose by mouse input primarilly, so.... Actually, I have a tablet PC laptop that I compose by tablet pen with. That's pretty cool.

    I do have an xbox 360 dev kit though. Bet no one else has one of those in their studios.

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    Re: Studios, how many of you have one?

    Here is my studio (The Vocal-Free Zone Music Studio.) I posted these photos on a thread a couple of years ago but here they are again since I thought that people who have joined since that thread might be interested in seeing where GOS, GPO, and JABB were created.

    Mine is a rather unusual, custom studio. I designed it in CAD, which helped because of the many compound angles in the construction of the monitor console. Construction materials are solid oak, laminate, oak plywood, and standard plywood substructure.

    4 computers (3 custom-built PCs and one laptop) are connected with a gigabit network. Steps were taken in construction to minimize fan and drive noise by placing the computers in compartments and venting the heated air to the outside through a system of air plenums. Access panels allow for easy computer updates.

    The three monitors are angled to accommodate my bifocal’d eyes and keep speaker reflections at the listening position under control. The three CRT monitors in these pictures have since been replaced by three 19" LCD monitors. Everything is within a swivel of my very comfortable chair. When you spend as many hours staring at computer monitors as I do, comfort is a necessity. I do all mixing with a mouse, no hardware mixer/mixing interface. I’m one of the rare individuals that is more comfortable grabbing a mouse than a hardware knob or fader – that shows you how much time I’ve spent over the years mousing around.

    The main speakers are custom designs of mine - the accummulation of about 4 decades of speaker design and construction experience. Hardware is kept to a minimum with as much as possible being done in the computers.

    This is a very enjoyable studio environment and since my property is nestled in the woods the view is always nice too. Now, you can imagine me sitting at my spacey workstation, pointing my mouse finger, and saying: “Engage!” (GPO goes to warp 6).


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