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Topic: Evening

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    A short ballad i have done to practice playing trumpet 1, cup mute. Hope you like it.



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    Re: Evening

    Very nice, relaxing feel to this. Appropriately titled too, really put me in an "evening" mood.

    Love the piano part.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: Evening

    The brush kit seems to come in a little harsh. This combined with the sax kind of set off the overall style as it goes from a gentle to a ballad to a seemingly strong piece. But other than that, pretty well done.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: Evening

    Ryan, thank you for listening

    CJPro, it was supposed to be a muted trumpet... my fault, i never seem to learn certain things. I know i should never mix on headphones, and yet every now and then i do. The mix was completely wrong and unbalanced, i have redone it, thanks. Really, this is more of an exercise in treating single instruments, and trumpets have always been hard for me to deal with



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    Re: Evening

    Very nice! I like it! Your piano part fits well also.

    It brought back memories of my younger, playing days.

    Now, get to work and make it longer!

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Evening

    Thanks Larry for listening, i think this will remain in this sketch stage , because it's just an exercise i do while learning how to play different instruments. You're always very kind



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    Re: Evening

    Wow, what a sound on that trumpet, Roberto... excellent.

    A fine ballad, as well: most enjoyable!

    My best,


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