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Topic: A surrealistic journey

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    A surrealistic journey

    With all of the upbeat Marches and heartfelt arrangements being posted on
    the Forum, this arrangement may seem a bit out of place.

    It's a darker surrealistic composition I had done a few years ago, but only
    recently tweaked and GPO-ized.

    The music began as an accompaniment for an animated 3D visual of mine, but
    sadly never completed. A short sequence depicting a journey through an
    ominous environment.

    A simple instrumental utilizing a repeating motif.

    All comments are welcomed:

    Organic Travel



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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Nice intro. The strings are very effective against the piano. My kind of flavor in emotional example.
    A simple instrumental utilizing a repeating motif.
    Simplicity is very effective and you've done an awesome job. I was quite pleased to hear the drums enter. Perfect support of strength and balance not flashy but very tasteful. You have all the elements here working harmoniously together. The guitar was perfect!
    Nice, very, very, nice! Two tumbs up!

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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    I've been looping this for a while -- beautiful piece, Jeff.

    I cannot say I found it "dark", though...pensive, certainly; but with an uplifting outlook of expectancy.

    Some of the guitar work in this is great, by the way -- I think I might bring it to the front just the slightest bit more in places.

    And I really can't help but mention that very often, it is simplicity that creates the greatest beauty...

    My best,


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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    Jeff I really like this. It is pretty dark, but as David mentioned there is something slightly wistful. Kind of like, our hero is alone, but everything is okay, and fade into the end credits.

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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    Thanks for the positive comments Styxx!

    I'm glad to hear the Guitar and Percussions fit in.
    They're great instruments, but I'm just a novice in that area... and so I tried to keep it simple.

    thanks for noticing!

    And thank you Dave!

    ... You're a keen observer. Your description was far better than my own ...Lol
    The idea behind my visual was to be just that. A stranger in a strange land, yet hopeful.

    And I completely agree with your comments on Simplicity.

    .. Something I should strive for more often.

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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    Thanks Jmc for the listen and comments.

    Your description conveyed the end result i was aiming for.

    ..I'm pleased to feel that I managed to pull it off.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    Hi Jeff,

    Very nice work here, I enjoyed it very much.

    I like the overall atmosphere of the piece. Sad, but with a hint of optimism as well.

    3:20 - 3:26, nice build. Love those string flourishes.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    Thanks Ryan!

    Your comments are appreciated. "Sad but optimistic" ... a good description.

    I noticed you're from BC. Are you from Vancouver?

    Lived in there for 4 years. ( the best summer weather on the planet!...)

    ... bring me some Sushi!!! .... Lol


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    absolutely lovely and deliceful!!!!!

    The strings and the piano at the beginning blend perfectly!!
    And then the harmony takes place!

    I am really pleased with this one!!

    Only my congrats for this wonderful tune!!


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    Re: A surrealistic journey

    This is quite lovely! So unlike anything I've heard here before. You've taken the listener on a very imaginative journey. I really enjoyed this.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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