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Topic: Tascam at NAB

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    Tascam at NAB

    Once again, Tascam has the killer booth location - right between Apple and Avid. And not far from the Starbucks and main Food Court.

    I met Johnny DeLeon, their marketing manager, and he's really enthused about Giga's future. GVI is the main focus right now. It's in Beta, and should ship in a month or two, assuming that they don't hit any roadbumps. The focus is to get it right, rather than to hit an artificial date.

    Also, take a look at http://learngigastudio.com/ It's an ad-based site, run by Larry Seyer with support from Giga. It's bare bones right now, but should gain content step by step. Johnny even said something about video tutorials. That should really open up the editing possibilities to lots more users.

    Oh, and Johnny confirmed that if you upgrade to GVI from GS3, you can keep your existing GS3 license and run GVI on another system. So, for us Orchestra owners, that and a spare PC buys a whole lot more RAM that we can load up with samples.

    Also, Johnny said the word "GS4". Not that it will ship any day now, but I get the feeling that if there are features that we would like to see, we should make our requests be known. They definitely read some of the threads here, so it wouldn't be like a tree falling in a forest without microphones...

    And, yes, Tascam is very aware that GS3 runs great when it runs, but has problems with some hardware combinations and some VSTs. They plan on GVI being the solution for running on off-the-shelf PCs. For GS3, they really see custom built PCs as the best bet. And multiple Giga-people mentioned the "systemsthatwork" thread.

    For GS3 they are working with a number of DAW builders. Sorry, I didn't write down the list. But suffice it to say that there will be some solid "guaranteed" solutions available. That info should be at the tascamgiga.com or learngigastudio.com sites before too long, I believe.

    Anyway, that's the news from Gigaland. I've even got a couple of photos to post, once I get a chance to downsample them to web-size...


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    Re: Tascam at NAB

    This is all good to know. However, one hopes that the big cheeses are aware that as the months pass Giga is starting to become irrelevant to many users. VSL has it's own player and many other big name libraries now have Kontakt versions, which have the advantage of loading more samples and scripting. GVI might help to stem the tide, but Tascam will have a hard job persuading many new potential users.


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    Re: Tascam at NAB

    I think the challenge will be for Giga to get developers to use GVI as their built-in player. That's where Kontakt has a big head start. But once there are a few "must have" libs with GVI players, users will have Kontakt and GVI both on their systems. The choice to then upgrade from player to sampler then becomes much more interesting.

    Regarding scripting, I don't think most users want to write scripts. We just want great out-of-the-box playability that can read our minds and make hyper-realistic sounds. I haven't seen GVI, so I don't know that it has any new playability tricks up its sleeve, and who is to say what GS4 and K3 will bring to the table. Certainly, the VSL player took the playability, rather than scripting, route, and I think that's the future. The key will be to give the developers the tools they need to create the next generation of playable instruments.


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    Re: Tascam at NAB

    John, I always appreciate your input and help. I agree with you from a personal point of view that I want as much as possible ready out-of-the-box. I am a father of young children and have busy job. I am a hobbyist who plays with this stuff at night when everyone is asleep and when I have gigs. i don't regularly practice in a band, I only put one together when i get called for a gig. So time is limited. I am very interested in the GVI and hope that the future provides for more playing time, less programming. One of the cool things about Garritan Stradivari is that it seems they did the scripting for you. Same with LPC - or at least providede via downloads. I am happy to have both programs GS3 and K2. Dorry Daryll, for me, no need for the debate.

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    Re: Tascam at NAB

    Thanks for the info jon.

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