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Topic: controling vibrato?

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    controling vibrato?

    I'm using my GPO in a logic setup emulating one of my scores.

    In my point of view theres much to much vibrato in the string samples.

    As far as i can read :-) I should be able to control it with controller CC#17??

    Is this correct and how precisely can I attach CC#17 to the instrument.
    The last comment mite be a question for Logic Forum.
    But the question is regarding Finale as well.
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    Re: controling vibrato?

    Hi blj,

    Unfortunately you can't control the vibrato in the strings. They are passionate, sure, but the vibrato is real, and as such is recorded right in the samples. So until GPO-A, we've got to use the tools we've got.

    Vibrato control (cc 17 along with aftertouch) works only in the wind instruments, like bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, trombone.

    I can't help you in terms of Logic, but in Finale, click the MIDI tool and double-click on the staff to open up the MIDI edit window. Select the CC and choose 17. Then make a selection in the MIDI edit window and from the menu, select 'Set To.' Enter a value and you'll see the data now appear in the window. At least that's how I think you do it. Others might be able to expand, clarify or correct any errors I may have made. I honestly don't use Finale for MIDI, just to enter in the notes. Then I save it as a MIDI file and open it in Digital Performer to do my editing.

    Hope that helps!

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