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Topic: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

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    Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    Having discovered a different solution to my mobile recording problem, I no longer need to buy any new microphones - so I can spend the money on something else

    I already have my eyes on a new soundcard, so at the moment I think it's a toss between upgrading Sonar 4PE to Sonar 5PE (but I'm inclined to wait 12 months and jump to Sonar 6PE when it comes out) OR getting Sony CD Architect 5.2 which seems to be a useful bit of kit for finishing off this CD that I am working on.

    So the question - does anyone have any opinions on the CD Architect software - good or bad? OR any suggestions on what to do with £100 ($160 US 'ish) that will benefit my slowly growing studio??
    Richard N.

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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    I use CD architect 5.2 and find it very good.

    It comes bundled with Soundforge 8, if you need an editor that might be the way to go. I have seen the bundle for around $235.

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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    I too like, have and use CD Architect 5.2. It is easy to use and writes red book CD's with no problem. Highly recommended!


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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    CD Architect is the only way to fly, when it comes to burning disks and having complete control over their content. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

    On the other hand, Sonar 5PE is a fantastic upgrade to the Sonar line, and you can't do wrong by getting that either.

    Solution... buy 'em both!
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    CD Architect is great! I recommend it too.

    I am in the UK too - I can't remember who I bought it from (I bought it online), but search around, as there was quite a price difference between different vendors.

    BTW - SONAR 5 is a great upgrade too.


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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    Sadly I'd have to fence-sit here. I can't imagine working without either Sonar 5 or CD Architect...

    the improvements in Sonar 5 over Sonar 4 were very important for me. Most notably, track presets, the piano roll view in the main window, enhancements to the ways the tools work in piano roll view (well there was one change I can't understand, oh well!), and at least on my system, the performance improvements were pretty dramatic.

    CD Architect is about the easiest to use, and most accurate tool I've tried for CD authoring. If all you need to do is burn tracks to a CD then Nero or one of the freeware tools will suffice, but if you want to manage overall levels, PQ codes, etc then CD Architect rules. My biggest complaint is that it should be better integrated into Sound Forge. Wavelab went that route, and if they had as nice an interface (and all the control) I'd switch, but even without the close integration I find CD Architect to be the best.

    As far as the never-ending upgrade cycle, if you upgrade to Sonar 5 you will, almost certainly want to upgrade to Sonar 6 when it appears... the folks at Cakewalk have an uncanny knack for finding cool new features I can't live without. Based on past performance (never a great barometer) I'd expect to see Sonar 6 in the beginning of the 4th quarter this year. So waiting might be possible (I couldn't do it, but I'm in therapy for that!)

    Good luck with the choice...


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    Re: Sony Cd Architect 5.2

    DVD Architect is similarly solid. I attended a class in DVD Architect basics, and the software was head an shoulders above the consumer DVD authoring tools that I've used. Too bad I wasn't able to attend the advanced class...

    BTW, Sony has released a new film scoring product that lets the user choose a cue, drop it in, fit it to a duration, choose style variations, select normal or loop endings, etc. It's not the sort of thing that we real composers would use, but it might be an opportunity for composers here to create music to sell to Sony or directly to Sony's users. It would be like making film score clip art.

    I don't really see it as a threat. People have been using stock music for years. But it might be an opportunity...


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