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Topic: Cute little tune

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    Cute little tune

    Here's a simple tune. Makes me think of a marketplace.


    Thought I'd share before going to bed.

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    Re: Cute little tune

    Cute is definately right

    Very light and fun, thanks for sharing,


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    Re: Cute little tune

    This is the smirk morning .

    Lovely themes, food for my soul. Thank you!


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    Re: Cute little tune

    Swedes are among the best and most underrated of melodists as you've shown here (i'm half Swedish but not biased, I think, in this instance and am sorry to say my only "visit" to Ostersund was sleeping through it on the train). I would prefer a continuation of the lovely simple, almost naive treamtment at the beginning rather than the more grandiose approach you have taken but no doubt this is a matter of taste.

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    Re: Cute little tune

    Thanks everybody. I had fun making this little piece. Maybe I should just do simpler pieces and not overwork my brain!

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    Re: Cute little tune



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    Re: Cute little tune

    Gorgeous little piece indeed . Well done.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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