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Topic: Has this been written? Please help

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    Has this been written? Please help


    here is a theme played by GPO string trio.

    I swear I entered it freely phantacising (sp.?), could have chosen any other note at any point and also revisited and altered it.

    However the result sounds so familiar that I ask myself whether my unconciousness could have put out a well known melody and I just don't get it.

    Before I put more work into it ... is this something obviously well known?



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    Re: Has this been written? Please help

    sure it might be similar to some Haydn melody or something but nothing I can immediately think of and it is almost inevitable that we go around with subconscious influences of other tunes which colour what we write (unless composing is a technical exercise when we deliberately try to break with the past such as with the 12 tone row but even Schoenberg's music had many elements rooted in the past -no-one completely reinvents the wheel). I discovered once I had quite unintentionally rewritten "Rosen aus den Suden" but it didn't really bother me and not everyone noticed anyway. Brahms was quite rightly indignant when accused of plagiarism in his "Beethoven's10th" theme.

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    Re: Has this been written? Please help

    Hannes, the style is surely familiar, but I believe the thematic material is
    original: I cannot recollect anything quite like it.

    Excellent theme, by the way, technically -- and very beautifully rendered.

    Go finish this! You have a very fine piece awaiting your completion of it.

    All my best,


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