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Topic: Chatner Roll - out -

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    Talking Chatner Roll - out -

    those - Lazy, hazy, crazy days of "Chatner".
    I'll be a poppin' in little later to say hello. Then it's off to another gig.

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    Re: Chatner Roll - out -

    Well, I went to go switch computers so that my mom can have her computer back, but I forgot the chat thing needed this Java thing which my computer thing doesn't have, so I'm installing the Java thing on my computer thing and all things should be fine... but I'm looking at the clock thing thinking that all these things are gonna take some time, and I've gotta have dinner and practice.

    Well, the Java thing's done installing, so I'm going to reboot the computer thing. But really I need to practice the piano thing so I can't really make the rest of the chat thing.

    So I'll see y'all around the forums.


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