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Topic: changing hard drives question

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    changing hard drives question

    I am installing a new hard drive on my computer (replacing the C: drive).
    I would like to know if I need to un-register GPO AND the kontact player? or only one? or only the other? or neither?
    if I need to telephone people here, I'd like to know during busines hours so I'm not stuck.

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    Re: changing hard drives question

    I recently swapped my C drive, using Acronis True Image, and I didn't have to re-register anything. I have a great deal of Kontakt Player instruments, and they all transferred flawlessly, without any need to do re-registering.

    I just cloned my old drive to the new one, then took out my old one and put in the new one. Turned on my computer and it was like NOTHING had changed -- I just had a lot more free space. Quick and simple to use, I'd highly recommend Acronis.


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