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Topic: stuck notes

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    stuck notes

    anyone have a good solution for handling stuck notes in K2?

    I have K2 running on a XP box in standalone mode (a necessity in my rig). I'm sending MIDI from my G5 running DP - K2 is receiving that MIDI from 3 separate ports on a MOTU microlite interface.

    I have a relatively large template loaded into K2 but not so large that it won't handle full tuttis from all channels. Unfortunately I am getting stuck notes on passages with only a moderate number of voices playing.

    Also experiencing similar in GPO running on a powerbook as a slave, however it seems that I'll get stuck notes more often with large processor hits in that case.

    Is there a panic button in K2 standalone that I've missed? Any other suggestions?

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    Re: stuck notes

    There is an old, known problem with K2 improperly handling very short notes that often results in notes left on. This most often has shown up when using a script that generates notes, but, your problem could be related.

    The new 2.1 update is supposed to have corrected this problem so you might try to update and see if your problem vanishes (that is if you can get the update, NI's servers are swamped right now).

    God Bless,

    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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