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Topic: Looking for a rhumba loop

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    Looking for a rhumba loop

    For a champagne/cocktail scene. I've recorded the music already (90bpm), so I'm just looking for percussion.

    Can't seem to find one in my collection or online. Wizoo's Latigo doesn't have rhumba - though I will likely pick it up anyway.

    A GM midi file would be great too as I have DrumsFromHell Superior. Anybody use the groovemonkee stuff with DFHS, by the way?

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Andy,

    Check out "Beats Working in Cuba". Great and VERY authentic, also covers all the major latin Styles (Rhumba, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Bolero, Guajera, etc)


    Hope this helps.....I've found it very usefull for all Latin/Jazz projects.


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    Re: Looking for a rhumba loop

    Just to confuse things:

    There is the afro-cuban rumba that mostly has percussion only, plus maybe voices(s), maybe not.

    And then there is the "ballroom rumba". Maybe this is what you mean if it is suited for cocktail parties .

    Musically this western rumba is the (mostly degenerated) child a slow cuban son. When the first son was published in the US, they thought it would be better in terms of marketing to use a well-known genre name so they replaced the word "son" by the word "rumba".


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