Following a glowing review on Sound on Sound with a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating, Music Tech Music Tech Magazine has awarded Jazz & Big Band their MTM RECOMMENDED AWARD!
"...Gary Garritan’s pursuit of the ultimate jazz sample library combined with the easy-to-use, but technically proficient Kontakt Player is a perfect example of the term ‘music technology’; the technology here providing valuable tools for the creation of music. Surely, that’s what music technology is all about? If you’re into writing for jazz musicians and big bands, buy a copy of J&BB. You’ll not regret the purchase." MTM RECOMMENDED AWARD
Here's some exerpts from the review:
There are many orchestral sample libraries around, but little that’s suitable for jazz. That is, until Gary Garritan commissioned a team of seasoned jazz professionals....Collectively they’ve produced the world’s first jazz and big band sample library. For many musicians it’s been along time coming – so how does it square up? Jazz & Big Band will run either as a standalone program, or as a plug-in with either a sequencer or a notationprogram. NI’s Kontakt Player provides the front end, giving you access to and considerable real-time control over the individual instruments available....

The range of available brass and woodwinds is impressively thorough, enabling the creation of imaginative timbral combinations that simply could not be achieved with just a basic big band sample set. Indeed,with the inclusion of instruments such as tuba, alto flute and sopranino, mezzo-soprano, C melody, contrabass and subcontrabass saxes, Gary could just as easily have called this product Jazz & Jazz Orchestra. ...

...Jazz & Big Band is crammed with innovative performance-control features, perhaps the most notable being aftertouch support for the brush stirs in the brush drum set. A stir begins as soon as the note C#1 is depressed, and continues for as long as you hold down the key.The great thing, though,is that you can control the actual figure-of-8 pattern used between hands and ‘brush direction change’ within the pattern. With a little practice (and careful listening to real players) it proved relatively easy to produce realistic-sounding brushwork.

Although you’ll get the best results using a performance-based approach, J&BB is just as easy to use with notation software and integrates directly into Finale 2006. For use with Sibelius you’ll need Garritan Studio, which can be downloaded for free from Gary’s website.

As far as we know, Gary Garritan can legitimately lay claim to having produced the world’s first jazz and big band sample library.

If you’re serious about writing for jazz ensembles... J&BB is the best sample library/player for the job currently available. MTM RECOMMENDED AWARD