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Topic: New CME Keyboard With Programmable Triple Pedal

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    Post New CME Keyboard With Programmable Triple Pedal

    I was reading the overview of the new CME keyboards and beyond the new motorized faders on the keyboards they are going to have a triple pedal that is going to be programmable. Given the vast number of other controls on the keyboard, this could be one of the best keyboards out there for Garritan libraries. I've played on both the semi and full wieghted versions of their keyboards and I think both have a great feel. If you are in the market for a new keyboard, CME is worth looking at closely.

    Here's the quick overview from Keyboard Magazine:


    UF-series MIDI controllers have earned global props for their feel and high quality, and prototypes of the VX series ($TBA) were on exhibit with U.S. distributor Yamaha. These use the UF actions, but are the first keyboards we’ve seen with motorized faders, suggesting control surface use for DAWs. They also have USB audio, 16 trigger pads with velocity, and a “U-Control” button to autoload software control setups. Production models are due in June. Of special interest to pianists is the GPP-3 ($99), a USB-programmable triple pedal.

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    Re: New CME Keyboard With Programmable Triple Pedal

    I'm saving for a CME UF8 and pedals. I was thinking about a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, but I'm going for the CME better (when I have enough money, of course) I have played with it a bit in a shop, and I think the action of the hammermechanics is decent (I'm not a pianist, so this could be a wrong impression).

    The link is http://www.cme-pro.com (the other links to a medical association or something)

    It would be a joice to play the strad with this controller and the triple pedal!!

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    Re: New CME Keyboard With Programmable Triple Pedal

    whoa that thing looks cool. Im still drawing in most controlls lol. I think my keyboard is like from the mid 90s.
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    Re: New CME Keyboard With Programmable Triple Pedal

    CME designs great control surfaces, but if you go to their support forum, you will see a LOT of users with technical issues. And this is on the simple 'boards with no presets. I really wanted one, it had both 9 sliders for B4 control and a breath controller input for my VL-70m, but after playing one at NAMM and seeing the Axiom 61, I decided to go that way - semi-weighted keys, but appears more reliable - but who knows?
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