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Topic: SYnching audio with video - 2 computers

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    SYnching audio with video - 2 computers

    This is my first foray synching my DAW to video and I want to do this by using a second computer for my video to conserve the CPU resources on my DAW computer.

    My video computer is just my spare and has no DAW equipment, just a basic setup with regular audio card and nvidia 5900 video card.

    My EMU 1820M has inputs for SMPTE and PDIF. Trying to figure out the best way to do this.

    I don;t expect anyone to go to great lengths with a full description on how to do this right, but if any one could provide me with some good links that would be much appreciated.



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    Re: SYnching audio with video - 2 computers

    It really depends on the software that you are running. You need a sequencer/DAW that puts out either SMPTE timecode, or MIDI Time Code, then you need some video player software that can accept SMPTE or MIDI Time Code. Next, you need the hardware solution. MTC works over MIDI, but I haven't found it to be as solid as I would like. There are solutions for SMPTE to work across a number of different interfaces, such as RS-422 and even Firewire. I haven't tried that yet though, so I can't give any specifics. RS-422 has been the traditional solution for linear editing systems for decades.


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