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Topic: bach: jesus bleibet meine freunde

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    bach: jesus bleibet meine freunde

    dear friends,
    i have just finished a simple arrangement of this bach masterpiece, played on an acoustic guitar, a flute and GPO cello.
    it took me some time to learn the guitar fingering, but it was worthwile! :-)

    for the GPO cello i tried the Big Bob SIPS script for legato, and i can say that it is wonderful!


    happy listening and tell me what do you think about this!

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    Re: bach: jesus bleibet meine freunde

    A very lovely rendition of Meine Freunde, Bosone, to which I listened with much pleasure. This has been a favorite of mine since a young child.

    One technical note: it is generally best to link straight to the .mp3 file.



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    Re: bach: jesus bleibet meine freunde

    A very interesting interpretation of a great piece.

    While listening to it I found that the only thing I did not find convincing about the cello was the legato. I would not mention this because it for not appearing too picky ... but rereading your post I saw that this has been an issue here.

    Maybe I don't get something very valuable ... but why don't you use just the common legato technique? I seem not to get the point here.


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