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Topic: CC15 Strangeness

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    CC15 Strangeness

    Inserted c15 just before the last note (Bb at 127) of a high trumpet phrase for the kiss effect. Works great, but now the effect occurs on preceding notes as well. I checked the event list, and there are no other controller messages on the track. Any idea what is causing this?

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    Re: CC15 Strangeness

    Just copy the cc15 data to the top of the track and reset the data from 127 to zero. The kiss will be removed until the command at the end of the track.

    Hope you have as much fun with JABB as I have..


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    Re: CC15 Strangeness

    Actually you have a what my plumber calls a RTFM fault there.
    (a little clue - M stands for Manual)

    he he


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    Re: CC15 Strangeness

    As a general rule: Always place a default piece of data at the beginning of a track for any controllers used. This will usually be "0" so that the controller is reset to "off" when the piece is played from the beginning. In the case of cc15 - it is a switch. The player only knows the last received data value. If you set the switch to "kiss" it will remain there until it receives another command. Placing a reset command at the beginning of the track ensures that the "kiss" will only occur in the specific location intended.


    P.S. Barrie:

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    Re: CC15 Strangeness

    Hi Tom,

    I'm still struggling manfully to keep JABB out of everything I do, without success needless to say. It'll be really handy when I actually get asked to do a JAZZ tune!!

    Thanks again, Tom,



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    Re: CC15 Strangeness

    I was having the same problems, thanks to all for thier input.

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