things I like do is go to a local recording studio and turn the engineer(s) on to GPO, JABB and SSV!
Last night I had an appointment at one of the local studios. Now, this guy uses Sequoia exclusively and has been since it first was introduced. Curious as to how Sequoia handles VST and midi, I asked if we could put Sequoia through some midi paces. We loaded GPO, JABB, and SSV with K2 (which he already had) and then called up a project he's been working on using GM strings, horns, and piano. BAM! Sequoia loaded GPO and JABB as easy as cake and he was totally impressed with the quality of sound the instruments were sampled at. Solo Strad was the cat's meow! Being a keyboardist all his life, I explained to him how the Strad is set up using the various controllers and this guy was flying! Now, I suspect Gary will be getting an order in soon for all three libs. JABB's saxophones, horns, and especially the jazz Steinway where also a big hit.
You know, that was fun! I think I'll knock on a few more of the big boys doors around town. I just love watching a persons face when they start playing the sounds. Usually, the stop ... turn around eyes wide open and shout, "WOW!"
PS - Too bad Sequoia is so expensive! I was totally in awe as how it treats midi tracks. He was explaining so much so fast I definitely need to go back.
Just thought I would share.