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Topic: RMX Updates 1.5.1 problem

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    RMX Updates 1.5.1 problem

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I am having with the RMX updates 1.5.1

    I currently have 1.5 and when I download the latest versions, they come up as unix executable files and they do not expand with stuffit and I cannot open them....does this make sense? I am running Logic 7 with G5 Mac.

    Am I suppose to open them or place them in cetain folders or in my Spectrasonics folder??

    I've loaded and upgraded so many times but this one has got me baffled.


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    Re: RMX Updates 1.5.1 problem

    Sounds like a corrupted download. Try downloading again, and/or try a different browser.

    - Glenn

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