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Topic: RMX the hip hop sampler....MPC Killer?

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    RMX the hip hop sampler....MPC Killer?

    RMX kit mode has opened yet another creative door for me as it relates to hip hop and sample based songs. There are some great samples included in the sound menus. its crazy.

    Heres 2 recent tracks i used RMX on almost exclusively. (forgive the rough mixes)

    Remix of Call it What you Want from local indie Band Your Bleeding Heart

    heres the original

    heres the beats i made in Logic using rmx and atmosphere, blue and cut up the samples from the song and used the exs24 to trigger them and play them. plus a wack of filters etc....

    heres the remix with some beastie boy vocals. (free from their site)

    Track 2
    all samples and all beats done in RMX (kit moe dee) see if you can spot the ninevolt loop i used....in RMX. ninevolt stuff and RMX are a sick combo.

    What i love about kit mode is the control i have and the samples and kits provided are so amazing. i barely had to tweak or eq em. or layer for that matter. so dope! best purchase ever.

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    Re: RMX the hip hop sampler....MPC Killer?

    Great Remix. That second track would be much more likely to get them a deal. I like the stuff. Phat and simple. Nice : >

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