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Topic: Love the Studio pics

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    Love the Studio pics

    Just have to say how fun and inspiring the pics and stories are.
    If there's more then start yet another thread . I for one will not tire of this.
    It's always great to see another effort come to fruition and see what many people are doing. Where's mine ? Heh it's coming along.
    It started 2 years ago when Tom posted his pics and I thought 'hot damn, isn't that amazing. I've got to put in some effort. Well 2 years later I'm almost there.
    Now mine is not at Toms's level but I really did put in a big effort based on seeing such excellence.
    Interesting side note.
    I bought one of those acoustical analysys progams and promptly became lost. In fact I felt my IQ was around 50.
    Finally I spent the best $$$ ever and brought in an expert who has designed and tuned many well known major studios . The results are stunning.
    Finally I have a studio that is set to go for stereo and surround . Now if I could just figure out this camera and take a few snaps for the forum.

    Like Tom 's my studio is ' home made'


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    Re: Love the Studio pics

    In case anyone is confused , I brought in the expert only at the end to "analyze " my efforts. That's all I paid for , not any design.

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    Re: Love the Studio pics

    pics pics

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    Re: Love the Studio pics

    It's pathetic how much I love these kinds of threads

    Just when I think I'm happy with my setup someone has to go and start something like this

    More, more...I want more!


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    Re: Love the Studio pics

    You are not the only one who likes seeing pictures of studios. Even though mine is towards the beginning (as it is only one rack of equipment and a keyboard) these pics give me some ideas for my own studio.
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