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Topic: Honky Tonk Piano or Calliope sound

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    Honky Tonk Piano or Calliope sound

    Any ideas on how to alter any of the existing GPO sounds to create a honky tonk piano or calliope? I thought at one time I saw a post for a honky tonk. Thanks for your help!


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    Re: Honky Tonk Piano or Calliope sound

    For a honky tonk you load up two instances of the Steinway and detune one of them using the pitch wheel in your sequencer. The Kontakt transposer goes by half-steps, so it wouldn't work to well.
    No wait... I think if you press the shift key while adjusting the Kontakt transposer it might go in cents rather than semitones. I could be mistaken on that one...

    As for the calliope sound, have you tried just the pipe organ prinzipal patch? If that doesn't work, then try the same thing as the honky tonk with detuning and such.

    Hope this helps!

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