Here is part 2c of my ongoing project of producing a realization of my Second Piano Concerto. This features the PMI Bosendorfer as before, and the orchestra is EWQLSO Gold (except for the solo strings, which are GPO). Gold is "out of the box" with no artificial reverb added. I used Sonar's Pristine Space on the piano and the GPO strings, but I don't think I quite got it right yet. Also the orchestra is too loud.

This is another version of the same passage in Part 2a (GPO) and Part 2b (GOS, SAM, etc.) This is the first orchestral entrance after an extended piano solo which opens the concerto.

Obviously none of these are definitive. I'm still trying out various libraries to see how they sound. Eventually I'll decide on which to use, then I'll go back and start over from scratch.

I've got a few more things I want to try with Part 2, but I think I'll also be moving on to Part 3 soon. Depending on how that goes, that may be the end of the tryout phase of this project.