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Topic: The Captivate - Forum Posts relationship...

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    The Captivate - Forum Posts relationship...

    As a secondary product version, in addition to the audio CD for the classes I'm working on, I'm also using the audio as a voiceover for a Flash based slideshow presentation CD. Same material, different format, to allow for people's various learning preferences. For this purpose, I generate a slideshow with PowerPoint and then import it into Captivate, which generates Flash movies. Captivate also has the ability to generate stand alone executables and CD autorun files, so (if my assumptions are correct), people can run this version from their computer by simply plugging the CD in, i.e. without having to have Flash installed since it's a standalone .exe file.

    So far, so good.

    The audio version is a 2 CD set, and consequently so is the slideshow version. This means the Captivate movie file that I edit is in excess of 500 megs after I import the audio. They convert the audio to mp3, which is understandable. However, there's a "now would be a great time to order a pizza..." progress bar dialog about converting mp3 info whenever you exit the timing dialog (where you manually place the start point of each slide relative to the audio) and other such places. And saving a 500+ meg file is time consuming, of course. Better still, if you hit the Preview button to take a quick look at your work thus far, it stops, slices & dices all the mp3 data, and then regenerates all the slides (yep, all 300 of them) into whatever frame rate you're using - whether you've made any changes or not.

    Consequently, there's a lot of places where I'm just sitting, waiting for the program to do its thing. For quite some time. This will doubtless be good for the my posting volume here...

    Of course, this is effectively a 1.0 version that Macromedia bought - it was RoboDemo. Consequently, I suspect once the new guys get to know the code better, they might have some nice improvements for the next version upgrade. On the other hand, Macromedia was just in turn bought out by Adobe. Who knows what happens next...
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    Re: The Captivate - Forum Posts relationship...

    Wny dont you use WMV or even better H.263 or MPEG SP to a 3GP format and then your classes can be streamed via phone? Flash sucks doodooo. Flash REALLY sucks doo doo

    AVI==> {MPEG / H.263 codec) ==> .3gp this can do with QT Pro

    web based

    AVI==> QTP ==> .mov via QTSS


    WMV streaming
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