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Topic: Asus Vs Gigabyte

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    Asus Vs Gigabyte

    Hi, looking for some mobo advice if any kind soul has time

    building an audio only music pc, want to use a sata 2 drive for apps and an ata drive for backup, at least 2 gigs of ddr2 533 ram, a prescott socket 775 p4 3.0 ghz, an m audio 24/96 soundcard and an LG DVD burner combo. Also i have a dula head matrox pci card or a single head apg matrox graphics card and an axt form case.

    Overclocking and gaming are not things that im interested in and im not too bothered about PCI express, ive been looking at the following boards

    Asus P5LD2-SE Intel 945P (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express Motherboard (MB-141-AS)


    Gigabyte 8N-SLi nForce4 SLi (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express Motherboard (MB-045-GI)


    Gigabyte GA-8I945P-G


    The main difference between the motherboards im looking at seems to be one uses the NVIDIA® nForce™ 4 SLI Intel Edition chipset and the others the Intel® 945P Express Chipset.
    Cant find much on the net that compares the two in terms of audio just high end graphics and gaming which are not of real concern. Any ideas about which chipset or board is the best or how to find out which is best? LAST MIN RESEARCH LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THE INTEL CHIPSET MAY BE MORE STABLE AND A BETTER CHOICE IF GAMING IS NOT AN ISSUE- any comments? Alternativly do you think there are better boards out there for the money?
    Thanks in advance, im really lost- please help!

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    Re: Asus Vs Gigabyte

    If it were me I would avoid boards that have PCIe. Read a few threads down in this forum about "NForce 4 almost fixed".
    If you are considering AMD 64 bit processors, boards with AGP slots are few. I don't know what's available for Intel that uses AGP.

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    Re: Asus Vs Gigabyte

    if your going to buy Intel make sur eyou get a mobo that will allow for future upgrade to Conroe processrs.

    EG: Intel 975 chipset. they are more money but more robust.

    PCIe is fine with intel for the most part

    i would not do the nforce4 for intel


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    Re: Asus Vs Gigabyte

    Thanks Very Much For Your Help, Will Take All Comments Into Consideration

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