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Topic: Trilogy.....does it require ilock?

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    Trilogy.....does it require ilock?

    hi i was just about to buy Trilogy as i hear it's a great bass sample library,but i avoid ilock,is ilock required? i have an old ilock from OS9 that has an expired BF plug that was not ported to OSX,so i guess it will still work or do i need to get a new ilock? .....does RMX require ilock as well? thanks in advance KG
    2.7 G5(PPC) 6.5 gig ram,10.48. DP5.12 ,
    FF800, NI,EW,IK VI's ,synths.. etc... Vdrums, Akai Z8 ,XP30 , Focal Twin 6 monitors
    UAD1w/Magma,TC PoCo/pci,
    Shunyata Powercords/Conditioners,Richard Gray....numerous harddrives Firmtek box(esata),& 2nd fw buss

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    Re: Trilogy.....does it require ilock?

    No dongle whatsoever.

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