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Topic: Notation

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    Here's a straight forward question: what is the best notation software for a person with the following needs?

    First of all - needed by a musician, not a computer geek

    Uses musical terminology rather than techo babble.
    Easily usable with GPO - an absolute must.
    Allows for text entry for choral works.
    Has templates for orchestra, choir and concert band.
    Allows for mouse/keyboard entry as well as keyboard.
    Uses standard staves with what you see is what you get.
    Literal presentation of 32nd and 64th notes.
    Clear, precise printout.
    A bank of drop-in ornamentations.

    There is more, but if I can find just this about everything else will be workable.

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    Re: Notation

    Not a tall order really, I think that any of the big three will do most, of not all of your wish list.

    I use Finale, and it does everything you want, except that you might need plugins depending on how fancy your ornamentation requirements are.

    I spent quite a bit of time with Sibelius, and it too can do everything you are looking for, except possibly the ornamentation, and it probably does, but I didn't use that feature when I was evaluating.

    Overture is amazing, and growing at a pretty rapid pace. I used an older version, and liked it, but I ended up settling, at least for the near future, on Finale.

    One other thing, both Finale and Sibelius come with a "lite" version of an optical score recognition tool, and neither one worked all that well for me. I use Sharpeye, and would suggest that you check it out if you have any need for scanning in scores.

    As far as a recommendation for one particular package... well, it really comes down to personal preferences, based mostly, I think, on workflow.

    Good luck!!!

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    Re: Notation

    Overture 4 is what I use and I'm very happy with it. You can try out a demo here=>http://www.geniesoft.com/downloads.htm

    I know that you'll find others here who are just as dedicated to either Finale or Sibelius (and I have heard great things about Finale's "human playback"). I know that Finale has a demo you can try...I've never checked into Sibelius.

    Try them all and see which matches your style of working best.

    Good luck in your search!

    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: Notation

    Quote Originally Posted by wst3ae
    Not a tall order really, I think that any of the big three will do most, of not all of your wish list.


    As far as a recommendation for one particular package... well, it really comes down to personal preferences, based mostly, I think, on workflow.

    I think any of the big three may involve some kind of a learning curve, but once you get past that, your productivity will go up no matter which you choose. I use Overture 4, and the only drawback is that the print-outs, while certainly possible (and look nice), aren't really the industry standard depending on what you want to do with the print out. I think musicians are more accustomed to viewing more Finale-looking scores. It's of course still doable. A few great things about Overture 4 include its MIDI data editing, VST hosting, and I am also a fan of its flexible staff formatting. But if you learn any of the big three really well, you'll probably be happy with any purchase.
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    Re: Notation

    Well, I use Sibelius, which seems able to do all that you have enumerated. I have tried Finale, and I think it does as well. With these two, I think it is a matter of preference. Both are quite good, but I found Sibelius the more useful and easier to use. To me, the weak point in Overture is the printed score. All three can use GPO. But for sequence work, my personal bias is Sonar, which can do things that neither of the other two can do. So, I do everthing in Sonar until I am ready to print, at which point I import to Sibelius and zap a a beautiful score. Somes the import and layout is fast and easy, sometimes not. The difficult scores to import are those with lots of tuplets, with included rests. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of people here to help, and plenty of people to help on the Sibelius User Tech Support page.

    I was led to Sibelius by Sonar! I had previously used SCORE, very good, but took a lot of effort. Probably better results than Sibelius or Finale, but really klutzy and time consuming to use.


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    Re: Notation

    No one said notion. prolly because it doesnt integrate with GPO?
    Finale I use but I am advanced user who has been using it for a while and know all the hidden windows, and cant recommend for beginners
    Sibelius I had but went back to Finale
    Overture 4 looks great for music input

    I suppose my recommendation would be Sibelius for beginners (computers(
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    Re: Notation

    I use Overture4. I think GPO and Overture4 is a very good partner .
    I can enter notes, midi CCs and key switches into scores without handling any computer-like interfaces. By writing slur arc, I can change duration of note longer and take back to normal duration at the end of slur, and by writing tremolo mark on the staves(\\), I can change instrument to tremolo samples from sustain samples ( or, the mark works as an invisible keyswitch ), etc.

    Overture4 could also be good partners with the other orchestral samples e.c. VSL because of VST hosting function.

    But, a score publisher in Japan said to me that they prefered Finale or Sibelius rather than Overture. It seemed that they had to retype my score since Overture's printout wasn't applicable to commercial use according to their opinion. They used adobe Illustrator, and Overture's printout data couldn't be imported well into it, just maybe. In Japan, only Overture2, the previous version was on sale several years ago.


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    Re: Notation

    Thank you all for your input. It is highly appreciated.

    Seattle 2006

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    Re: Notation

    I have been using Overture 4 and Finale 6 for a few months now. It's too early for me to recommend one or the other but so far I like the VST feature of Overture 4 and importing midi files is a breeze.
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    Re: Notation

    Since no one has yet offered it, here is the link to the Sibelius demo:


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