After creating a DWI, then converting to GSI, is it possible to turn it into a multi-layered instrument in GSedit. Reason being I have created some excellant sounds in 3rd party developed synths for Scope, they are DSP heavy, so thats why I want to transfer them into GS3. I can spit out WAV's from the excellant 32 bit integer sampling app. that Creamware makes. These are loopable high quality samples of PPG 2.3 Electric pianos, and other static instruments which could load with a small hit on the memory. Creamware samplers are great at sampling, but I would never use them live. My other alternative is to buy a Lynx GSIF 2.0 soundcard and play Scope synths through GS3 and sample the output masters as an Audio Capture. Since these synths are capable of velocity envelpoes I hope I can sample their timbres for further edits in GSedit. It seems as though I would have 3 layers of velocity, each layer would be its own instrument, then combine them in GSedit. At least I hope that is right. This will require some effort on my part, but I will be rewarded by playing these sounds with unlimted polyhony, and will free up DSP resources. At 16 voices it will easily chew up the 60MHz SHARC processors.