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Topic: Midi controller isssues

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    Question Midi controller isssues

    I am using an Ensoniq TS-10 as my midi controller. All virtual instruments and software respond accurately (velocity, control wheel, pitch bend, etc) except GS 3.0. I am wondering if GPO will have the same issues. Tascam suggested editing the velocity curves of the GS instruments I wanted to use as the only solution! Therefore, I am ready to give GPO a try but don't want to just throw money at a losing proposition. Anyone have experience with this specific situation? Any advice? ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

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    Re: Midi controller isssues

    What specifically does it not respond to?

    And what sequencer/host do you use?

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    Re: Midi controller isssues

    Just to clarify that the 'problem child' is GS 3.0(WinXP) and GS 2.54(Win 98SE). The key velocities do not translate accurately from the TS. Just the slightest variation in 'note on' velocity results in an extreme difference in velocity volume on GS. Tascam suggests that GS (as I understand their explanation, and they have been very cooperative) apparently doesn't understand or can't translate the midi information transmitted by the TS. Of course, my ASR 10 rack module, VFX-SD, Boss DR-770, Native Instruments B4 and borrowed TS-12 respond predictably.

    I use GigaStudio as a stand-alone, not a 'plug in' or virtual instrument. I primarily use the TS sequencer to record the midi tracks and then xfer them to Cubase VST 32 - 5.1r for tweaking and mixdown. Since GS is the first computer-based sampler/player I've used, I'm understandably cautious about investing in GPO if I get the same results as GS.

    I hope this gives a better idea of things. Thanks so much for your inquiry


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    Re: Midi controller isssues

    Sometimes there can be a problem with Giga and VST on the same machine, ragdless if its GPO or any other VSTi. GigaStudio and a VSTimay compete for the same drivers on the same computer.

    There is a workaround with 2.5 and not sure if it applies to 3 but is worth a try. After you've installed GigaStudio, run it before running Cubase and disable outputs 1,2 in Giga (Cubase grabs these outs so if you leave them enabled it'll cause problems). Close Giga and run SX and disable whatever Giga outs you are using (3, 4?) so that each output pair is only assigned to one app. Now close Cubase and run Giga again, go to 'Setting Hardware' and set all midi inputs to 'None' then go to 'Settings General' and set Sequencer priority to about 5 and click apply, (you'll need to experiment with this). Now run Cubase, you should find 4 Giga midi ports available in SX and that should be it.Recording Giga back into Cubase depends on your audio card and you may need to wire outs 3, 4 to ins 1,2 or something. Otherwise you could use the Giga record feature and import the waves into SX.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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