All books are in new condition and have no markings or ear marks on pages. (I really have not read much of them at all. I was gearing up for a big full time focus on music, but both a baby boy and a company HQ in New Orleans not working out after Katrina is forcing my full time focus elsewhere.)

The total of all of these new is over $675, but I'd let the lot go to a forum member for $250 plus applicable shipping.

THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC VOL. 1 - (Second Edition) – Ralph Turek – College Theory Textbook
( price - $84.38)

Tonal Harmony, 5th ed – (Hardcover Textbook) – Stefan Kostka & Dorothy Payne
(Amazon $70.63)
Workbook w/CD’s - $44.69

Applied Professional Harmony 101 – Peter Alexander - $37.95 direct from author’s web site.

Applied Professional Harmony 102 – Peter Alexander - $59.95 direct from author’s web site.

Counterpoint by Fux – Peter Alexander update version - $49.95 direct from author’s web site.

Rimsky-Korsakov's Principles of Orchestration Vol. 1 – Peter Alexander (
(with workbook) direct from author’s web site.
(Cost - $74.95)

The Study of Orchestration, 3rd ed. – Samuel Adler
( price - $76.99)
CD’s for above (6 total CD’s)
( price - $106.50)

The Guide to MIDI Orchestration – Paul Gilreath
( price - $69.99)

Total cost new for the lot would be just over $675. I’d sell the whole lot for $250 or so not including shipping. I am 100% ebay positive rated and accept PayPal. I am not willing to sell these individually. I really need just to let the whole thing for now for the space back, too, and unable to store them anywhere of value.

Thank you very much. Please PM me if interested.

- Paul