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Topic: K2.1 volume response

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    Unhappy K2.1 volume response

    Hi all!

    I did my first rehearsal with K2.1 yesterday and encountered problems because the relative volumes of the patches seem to have changed.

    I'm controlling the volumes via MIDI from my master keyboard.

    Has anybody experienced similar problems?


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    Re: K2.1 volume response

    A couple of new options have been added to the Instrument Options | Controller tab accessible from edit mode. There are now range settings for CC#7. The - infinity to 0 dB matches up with the old 63% that used to be associated by default in the MIDI Automation pane. Your updates won't stick unless you save/overwrite you existing .nki/.nkm files.
    Ben N. Moore

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    Re: K2.1 volume response

    Thanks! I'll try that.

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