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Topic: White Grand Jr. playing Live

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    White Grand Jr. playing Live

    i'm in a band here in austin, tx and i use several plug in's live on a receptor. my piano sound is the white grand jr through kontakt 2. i love how this piano sounds, but something has been bothering me about it a little bit.

    the low end sounds outstanding and is definitly great for our pop/rock music. however, the high end of the range (just about everything higher than middle C) tends to get lost in the mix and to me it doesn't feel like it "cuts" through at all like the low end does. does anyone else notice this? or do i have a setting that can be changed to help out with this? i use lots of plugins, but i'm not very savvy on how to play with parameters and such, just use them.

    anyway, like i said, i LOVE how it sounds, i just wish the upper end would cut through a little more since it tends to get lost in the mix. so much so i'm considering using a different piano sound that to me doesn't sound nearly as good or as real, just because it cuts through more. i don't WANT to do that, but i'm considering it.

    let me know if anyone has any comments or ideas on how to help. thanks!


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    Re: White Grand Jr. playing Live


    I'm using the White Grand Jr. on stage, too. My suggestion would be to use Kontakt's stereo modeller to make the piano more mono.


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